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Our origins

The only Mentalism Duo in Italy

You must know that even before being members of Imperium Group, Daniele Losquadro and Pasquale Buonanno are two skilled Mentalists, exactly a duo, the only one in Italy!


Since 2016 they have formed a close-knit duo that has made a lot of talk about themselves, in theatrical, corporate, private shows and much more. This is how the winning agreement was created to then open the company.

Who is a Mentalist?

The Mentalist is an illusionist of the mind, who through techniques such as cold reading or hot reading, hypnosis and effective communication, give the illusion of being able to read the mind of others and thus seem to demonstrate highly developed mental and intuitive skills. .


A mentalist develops experiments in the field of science as well as the occult, the "Magic" lies in the use of techniques, which are often confused with the magician's magic tricks.

Le Menti

"Le Menti" is the name of the Duo made up of Daniele Losquadro and Pasquale Buonanno.


After years of academy dedicated to mentalism, they have formed this spectacular duo that has begun to demonstrate the synergy, synchronicity and skill of the duo. Usually when you think of Mentalism you only see one person.

This is their strong point, they are the only Italian duo.

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Per comprendere meglio cosa fa un mentalista

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